Name Type Description
SystemUserID string The system user ID of the user account being updated
Username string The email address of the user.
FirstName string The first name of the user.
LastName string The last name of the user.
EncryptedPassword string The encrypted password of the user using the EncryptString call.
Company string The company name of the user being updated.
EmailSignature string A string representation of the signature a user would like appended to the emails sent out for session notifications. Note: this is a permanent change and will show up in each subsequent notification.
StatusCode string Status code for the user being updated.
0 – UserStatusCodes.Inactive
1 – UserStatusCodes.Active
Region string User defined region, used for client categorization.
SubscriptionType string The subscription type for a user, usually “Monthly” or “Annual”
TimeZoneId string This parameter can be either a .NET recognized time zone (can be found in the list returned by the .NET method TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones()) or a standard TZID from the Olson database (