Use this call instead of GetSessionsByTransactionId and GetSessionsByTransactionIdMetadata. This call will eventually replace both of those calls.

Retrieves an array of SigningSession object(s) by an individual transaction Id, holding only some session header info in a paginated manner where the caller provides the page size, page number etc… The caller can control when to stop making the paginated call when it reaches the TotalCount value.

Returns – A ResponseSessionInfoLiteView containing an array of Session Object(s).  (See ResponseSessionInfoLiteView in Appendix B)


Name Type Description
encryptedToken string Required. Encrypted Token returned from client authentication.
Returns null if token has expired or is invalid.
transactionId string Required. Clients’ system transaction id for the transaction
username string Required. User’s username, their email address.
sortCol string Required. The name of the column to sort on must be one of these (SigningSessionId, Title, TransactionId, StatusCode, CreatedOn).
sortOrder string Required. The desired sort order, either (asc or desc).
pageSize int Required. How many records do you want on a page. Maximum value is 50
pageNum int Required. The page number (0-based) the client is on up to the returned totalCount. i.e if total totalCount is 10, then the sequence of pageNum would be 0, 1, 2…9

Example – C#
[gdlr_notification icon=”none” type=”color-border” border=”#31BEF9″ color=”#000000″]
ServiceAPIClient ws = new ServiceAPIClient();

ResponseSessionInfoLiteView sessionResponse;

sessionResponse = ws. GetSessionsLiteByTransactionId(encryptedToken, “transactionId“, “username”, “sortCol”, “sortOrder”, 50, 0);