Name Type Description
AllowDelegation bool Optional. Allows the signer to delegate the session to others.
ClientID string Optional. The ID of the client.
CopyTo string Optional. A string of one or more email address separated by a comma.
Description string Optional. Allows you to set the Step 1 Signer Email Message. Use the escape sequences ‘\n’ to generate a new line.
EmailOptions int Optional. Send the final documents to the CC email recipients as attachments instead of a link. The values are:
0 – to CC email documents as links
3 – to CC email documents as attachments
FirstSigner bool Optional. Include the owner as the first signer.
OwnerID string Optional. The ID of the Owner
OwnerName string Optional. The Owner’s Name
OwnerEmail string Optional. The Owner’s email address.
OwnerSignature string Optional. A string representation of the Owner’s signature.
Password string Optional. The session password
ReturnURL string Required. Your Host URL.
Title string Required. The Title of the session.
TransactionId string Optional. The Transaction Id of the session.
UseSequence int Optional. 0 = NonSequential, 1 = Sequential, 2 = Suspended.
ExpiresOn DateTime Optional. Specifies when the session to expire.
ReminderFrequencyDays int Optional. How often in days to send expiration reminders.