API Overview

The following Constellation1 eSign API documentation is for the WCF SOAP and RESTFul web services.  In this document is an API reference and workflow description to facilitate integration with the eSign solution.  Authentication security is token based and communication through HTTPS is required to consume the web service.

The eSign web service allows client integrations to create and track signing sessions as well as provide user account provisioning and management.  Session creation mechanisms are flexible and allow creation of signing sessions with or without document or signer information.  Documents uploaded using the web service can automatically apply pre-defined templates making session creation and document reuse easy and fast.  The web service also exposes flexible methods of retrieving electronically signed documents accompanied by signing session metadata.

This document contains workflow descriptions and integration strategies in order to ensure a smooth integration for developers.  High level diagrams accompany descriptions to display the general workflow of interacting with the eSign web service for account and signing session creation and management.  Integration strategies discussed in this document attempt to account for best practices and provide points of consideration for a successful API integration.  The descriptions are a general guideline while the API provides flexibility in order to accommodate unique integration solutions.

This API documentation is designed to assist integration through the eSign web service.  Developers should thoroughly review the API reference and workflow recommendations in order to achieve a successful integration.