LeftMenuColorHexstringThe color for eSigniture’s left menu preceded by a hash sign, e.g. #e0d12
EmailThemeColorHexstringThe color for the email template preceded by a hash sign, e.g. #e0d12
NamestringThe group name
CustomerNamestringThe name of your customer this group belongs to
CustomerAddress1stringYour customer’s address line 1
CustomerAddress1stringYour customer’s address line 2
CustomerCitystringYour customer’s city
CustomerStatestringYour customer’s state/province
CustomerZipCodestringYour customer’s zip/postal code
CustomerCountrystringYour customer’s country
CustomerEmailstringYour customer’s contact email to display in emails
CustomerPhonestringYour customer’s contact phone to display in emails
WebhookUrlstringThe listening webhook this group should POST to.
IsActivebooltrue/false to enable/disable the group.