URI GET rest/v1/signer/docs/{username}/{signingSesisonId}/{signerId}/{pageNumber}/{pageSize}

Returns – A SignerDocumentResponseView  (See SignerDocumentResponseView in Appendix B)


Name Type Description
Authorization – Header value string Required. Encrypted Token returned from client authentication.
username string Required. The sender’s username.
signingSessionId string Required. The ID of the signing session.
signerId string A Nullable signer ID if requesting documents for a specific signer. If you pass NULL, then the it will return the documents for all signers in the signing session.
pageNumber integer This call is paginated and you always start with page 1, and depending on the TotalCount returned, you calculate the the next page number.
pageSize integer By default the API call returns up to 25 documents per page, IF the overall document size exceeds the allowed max limit of 25MB then fewer documents will be returned, along with NULL FileBytes values and the message
“Skipped because the total size has exceeded the allowed limit(25MB). Try specifying a smaller page size for file retrieval.”