Name Type Description
SignerID string Optional. The ID of the Signer.
FirstName string Optional. Signers’ first names.
LastName string Required. Signers’ last names.
EmailAddress string Optional. Signers’ email addresses.
SignerRole string Required. Signers’ role to be used when assigning a signer to a template signer ID. See SignerRole specification table for signer role types.
Sequence int Sequence number of the signer.
Authenticationsettings Authenticationsettings Enter the authentication settings for the following: password, in-person signing and SMS phone number.  See Authenticationsettings  in Appendix B.
AuthMethod AuthenticationMethod Optional.  The authentication method for the signer.  The values can be:
Properties Array of Key Value Pairs(string, string) Optional.  Properties for a signer as key value pairs. Acceptable properties:
Key: DisableEditName
Value: 0 or 1
SigningSessionId The Signing Session ID holding this signer Internal value
Contact Contact information of this signer Optional
FullName Signer’s full name Optional
SignerEmailSubject Special email notes to the signer Optional
SignerEmailMessage Special email notes to the signer Optional
MergeFieldMapping Refer to merge fields section Optional