Purges a completed/expired/canceled session’s document files, then notifies the client of a webhook status change when completed.
If the session is completed/approved, it will email all party members to give them a chance to download the documents beforehand, as after purging they will not have access to them anymore.

Returns – A RequestResponse containing a string (“True” or “False”) representation of a Boolean indicating whether or not the call was a success or failure in the ReturnValue.  (See RequestResponse in Appendix B)


Name Type Description
encryptedToken string Required. Encrypted Token returned from client authentication.
Returns null if the token has expired or is invalid.
signingSessionID string Required. The ID of the session being purged
returnURL string Required. Your Host URL
purgeNow boolean Optional. Indicates if you need to execute the purge operation now or schedule it to be purged in the future (client specific configured value default 72 hours).


Example – C#

[gdlr_notification icon=”none” type=”color-border” border=”#31BEF9″ color=”#000000″]ServiceAPIClient ws = new ServiceAPIClient();

RequestResponse requestResponse;

requestResponse = ws.PurgeSessionDocs(encryptedToken, signingSessionId, returnURL, purgeNow);