REDFax is a paperless fax service that offers both convenience and cost savings. Send and receive faxes via your email, from anywhere anytime. Receive fax notifications via email on your cell and mobile devices. No more fax machines, no more paper, no more toner. Save money today on one of the lowest priced fax services on the Internet.

With REDFax, you’ll get a private and secure way to send and receive faxes as email attachments.

  • Unique (not shared) toll-free fax numbers
  • No restrictions on incoming or outgoing faxes
  • Plans starting as low as $10/month
  • $.08 per page overage charge
  • $10 one time setup fee
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How does REDFax fax work?
Its simple. Just like a regular fax number, you simply provide that number for others to send you a fax. When we receive that fax on our servers, we convert that to a digital file that is immediately emailed to you as a PDF attachment. REDFax is fast and reliable.
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Do I need any hardware or software?There is no need for a fax machine and no software to download and install. The REDFax service is always ON and is cloud based.
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How do I send faxes?
Faxes are sent via your email. Attach a file or scanned copy to an email.  In the TO: field, type the recipient’s 10 digit fax number followed by (i.e. You can also automatically create a fax cover page by entering the subject and body of the email. Click “send” and it arrives as a paper fax in your recipient’s fax machine. Email confirmations will notify you if your faxes were successful or not.
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How do I receive faxes?
When someone faxes you, you will receive an email notification with the fax as a PDF file attachment. Just double click the file to read it. Additional email addresses can also be provided for distribution to other parties.
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Do I get a real fax number? 
Yes. We offer unique toll free fax numbers. You simply provide your fax number to the person who needs to send you a fax, just like any other fax number.
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Can I transfer my existing fax number from another company to the REDFax service?
Yes, we can port toll free fax numbers only. When you sign up, we will assign a temporary fax number for use while the port is completed.
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How secure and reliable is REDFax?
REDFax is powered by our proprietary technology with COX communications as our telecom partner. The REDFax network maintains 99.5% up-time. Our technology ensures transmission times that average 2-5 minutes based on the size of your faxed documents. Faxes arrive as PDF in your secure email inbox.If you ever have any questions, your REDFax subscription includes live phone support.