The eSignDashboard¬†was designed with one goal in mind — provide all the tools necessary for a mobile professional to be completely paperless. Seamlessly connect and sync to the office or home computer so you can do your work from anywhere anytime. With an easy to use and intuitive interface, eSignDashboard is the fastest and easiest app for managing your documents, annotating, secure electronic signing, electronic faxing, sharing, syncing, scanning, and taking notes on the fly.

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EsignDashboard for iPad Video
Watch our video and see how EsignDashboard for iPad can save you time and money.
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Manage Files and Folders on the iPad
With our simple navigation panel you can effortlessly create folders, import documents and sort files by type, name, size, or date. Need to download a document? With eDocs, you can easily import files from a web URL or open attachments from an email.

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Markup and Annotate Documents

Annotation just got easier. Enter text, dates or free hand draw with eAnnotate. With continuous scrolling, grading papers, drafting an invoice and filling out forms has never been so convenient.

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Electronically eSign Documents

Ditch the paper trail and get your important documents eSigned with our biometric (handwritten) electronic signature feature. Security is of the essence and saved documents cannot be changed or tampered with.

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Easily Fax Signed Documents

No more waiting around the fax machine for a document. Quickly send and receive faxes wherever you are using eSignDashboard. Local and toll free fax numbers provided.


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Use your iPad camera as a scanning device to quickly and accurately scan documents into eSignDashboard for annotations and signatures.
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Integration and sync to Dashboard Online Vault, DropBox, Box.net, Google Docs and other WEBDAV services.
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Take notes on the fly. Open a lined notepad to either handwrite or type up notes. Take lecture notes, type meeting minutes, make inspection notes, and more. The notepad editor allows you to quickly save, email, fax, or sync your note to a folder.
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Manage data share and access to other parties such as clients, team members, assistants, or your boss.