Production Release: November 23, 2021


Email Notification Options:
Expanded options for sender notifications. 

Authentication Options for In-Person Signing: Added an email authentication option for in-person signing.

Bug Fixes

Constellation1 eSign

Sender Email Notifications

To improve usability and efficiency, we have added more flexible notification options for signing session senders. Senders will have more options to receive notifications based on the signer actions.

To access the notification options, click on the Profile icon in the top right corner, then go to the Email Notifications section.

The added options include:

  • Expiration
    • Session Pre-Expiration
    • Session Expiration
  • Other Invite Links
    • Session Documents
    • Session Declined
    • Session Delegate
    • Session Reminder Summary
      • If this is toggled off, senders will no longer receive a summary of the reminders that have been sent for a session
    • Session Cancellation


Signer Authentication Options

For increased security during in-person signing sessions, we’ve added the option to send an email or SMS/text message to signers to confirm their identities.

When creating an in-person signing session, senders can choose to authenticate signers by selecting the email or SMS/text message options. The system will send a code that they will have to enter to continue the signing session. This two-factor authentication is recorded as part of the signing session.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the system not creating new users.

  • Fixed an issue with anchor tags placing radio buttons in the incorrect order.

  • Fixed an issue with sorting users on the Sessions table. Users will now sort by the selected column and not just by the first column.

  • Fixed an issue with the system going to an error when the timeout period is reached.

  • Fixed an issue with a signer declining a signature session. The signer must now select a reason for declining the signature session.