Production Release: December 21, 2021


NEW Group Level User Management: Expanded access to manage user groups in eSign.

Bug Fixes

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Introducing Group Level User Management

We have created a new administrative role, “Group Support Manager,” which improves the ability to manage multiple groups of users. Users with this role can now manage other users within their assigned groups.

This enhancement significantly improves flexibility for companies, as it gives Group Support Manager(s) full user management permissions for their assigned group(s). Group Support Managers function like company-level administrators, but only for their assigned group(s) for better self-management.

For example, a company has multiple locations and can create groups of eSign users based on these locations. Now the company administrator can assign the Group Support Manager role to one or more users in each group. This delegates the group’s administrative tasks to the Group Support Manager, who will have full administrative access within their assigned group.

The Group Support Manager can:

  • Add/remove users from their group
  • View the signing sessions of users in their group
  • Manage all administrative tasks for users in their group

A major benefit of this enhancement is to allow companies to decentralize eSign user management. Group Support Managers cannot see users or signing sessions in other groups.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with form fields not aligning correctly on a document when the field is expanded.
  • Fixed an issue with new users getting an error when accessing signing session templates.