Production Release: January 5, 2022


Constellation1 CRM

Reach Social Integration: Drive more likes and get more followers and leads through social media.

Agent Photos: Standardized agent photo sizes for consistent display.

Contact Detail Page: Added new “Add” button to the action plan section of the Contact Detail page.

Updated Action Plans: Updated seasonal and annual action plans for 2022.

Constellation1 Websites

Secure Custom Domains: The www record is now included when securing a custom website domain.

Home Valuations: Updated access to Zillow’s valuation data.

Bug fixes
  • Action plan manager
  • Activity snapshot
  • Documents
  • Mobile CRM
  • Single sign-on with Facebook

Constellation1 CRM

Reach Social Integration

Reaching an even larger audience just got a lot easier. Reach Social allows you and your agents to reach more people through social media and increase opportunities to get more likes, followers, and leads from your online presence. Integration with CRM makes it easy to add this feature for your agents.

The new Reach Social integration allows you to connect multiple social media accounts to the Constellation1 CRM and monitor your social media performance using our intuitive dashboard. Your Reach Social experience includes full agent branding for a consistent feel across platforms.

New features:

  • Summary dashboard
  • Automatic posting of relevant content to your social media accounts
  • Customized branding
  • Powerful lead generation tools like Free Home Valuation, Find My Dream Home, and a chat box that allows leads to communicate in real time directly with agents without having to download any additional applications

Please contact your Constellation1 representative for more information.

Agent Photos

When agent photos are manually uploaded to the CRM, they can vary greatly in size. This causes agent photos to display in unexpected ways in email and action plan messages.

We have therefore implemented standard dimensions to properly size agent photos. As of this release, agent photos will be 150 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall. Uploaded photos that are larger will be resized to fit this specification. 

As of this update, users will also be able to manually upload agent photos in PNG format. The other supported formats for agent photos are JPG and BMP.

Contact Detail Page

For improved usability, we added an “+Add” button to the Action Plans section on the contact detail page to quickly and easily add action plan drip marketing campaign to your contacts.

2022 Action Plans

As we mentioned in our November release notes, we have updated our seasonal postcard series and other annual action plans.

On December 22, we added the updated newsletter with the January and February newsletters. The newsletters for March through the end of 2022 will be added in our February release.

All seasonal postcards and monthly newsletters feature a fully responsive format as well as updated images and text.

Constellation1 Websites

Securing Custom Website Domains

When securing a custom office or agent domain, we now include the www record in the security certificate provisioned through our Cloudflare server. This will improve the custom domain’s SEO value and help it rank higher in search engine results.

There are no updates or changes needed on your end. When you set the DNS record to point to the Constellation1 Cloudflare server, we will automatically include the www record. If you have any questions, contact your Constellation1 account representative.

Zillow Home Valuation Data

Zillow valuations can be included as one of five sources of property valuations on our Home Value page. Zillow is changing how it provides home valuation data to a new version 2.0.

We have worked closely with Zillow to update our Zestimate API to this version 2.0. The updated API provides a real-time update to our system, meaning the data from Zillow will always be the latest and up to date. 

Bug fixes


Action Plan Manager: We fixed an issue with agent photos not displaying correctly when users viewed their emails on an iPhone. We also fixed a display issue while previewing action plans where the name and subject overlapped each other.

Activity Snapshot Widget: We fixed an issue with tasks and events being removed when clicking the check mark. Now when clicking the check mark, you will be able to edit the activity, task, or appointment.

Documents: We fixed an issue with an outsized warning message popping up when uploading a document that is too large. The pop-up will now be sized appropriately. We also fixed and issue where a 404 Error message would display when opening Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Zip files.

Mobile CRM: We fixed an issue with the CRM mobile app only showing the first 50 contacts.


Social Media Single Sign-On: We fixed an issue with users being unable to log in using Facebook as their single sign-on.