Production Release: September 21, 2021



Add New Contact: Modal is mobile responsive.

MVP Dashboard: The new dashboard is a success.

Action Plan Manager: Removed outdated action plans.

Constellation1 CRM Mobile App

Contacts Page: Improved performance on the contacts page.

Constellation1 Website

Coming Soon: Updated email service to be able to send emails using branded email addresses.


CRM Flyers

CRM Personal Profile

CRM Mobile App

Constellaton1 CRM

Add New Contact

We have updated the Add New Contact modal to have a friendlier, mobile responsive format. This means it is now easier to add contacts to your CRM when using a small screen.

                                      Full screen                                   Small screen, responsive

CRM Dashboard

In May we launched the new CRM dashboard. This new dashboard has proven to be very popular with our customers.

Given this success the next phase will be to phase out the previous dashboard. Doing so will remove the option to roll back to the traditional dashboard layout.

Action Plan Manager

As part of our ongoing system maintenance, and to declutter the list of action plans to ensure only the best/most relevant and effective action plans are displayed, we have removed outdated the action plans from the CRM.

Constellation1 CRM Mobile

Contacts Page

We have Improved the overall performance of our CRM mobile app to help you be more productive and efficient.

To speed up contact loading on your mobile device, we have made an update so the first 50 contacts load and display first. The system will then continue loading your remaining contacts in groups of 1,000 until all your contacts are loaded and available.

Constellation1 Website

Coming Soon: Sending Emails from Branded Email Addresses

Branding is an important part of any business. We are working on phase one of a service that will determine if we are allowed to send emails from the primary email address associated with a custom agent, office, or company custom website domain email address.

Benefits include,

  • Agent and company branding.
  • Ensure highest delivery success rate.
  • Email services recognizing the sender as an authorized and legitimate sender.

In some cases a Constellation1 representative may reach out to discuss more details. We’re very excited about this new enhancement and look forward to rolling it out. 

Bug Fixes

CRM Flyers: We have fixed an issue that was causing an error when creating a flyer using a listing’s MLS ID.

CRM Personal Profile: We fixed an issue with uploading an agent photo to the agents’ Personal Profile.

CRM Mobile App: We have fixed an issue with a property address showing twice in the notes with a new lead showing request.