Production Release #72: September 21, 2021


Preview Video – Phase 2: Full broker and agent access is now available, as are new posting features.

Social Connections: System will attempt to reestablish expired social connections automatically.

Bug Fixes

Release Details

Preview Video – Phase 2

In our previous release, we introduced the first phase of our new Preview Videos, short 15-second videos created as part of a new property tour. In this release, we are adding more features and functionality in phase two.

  • Brokers and agents now have full access to all Preview Video features and can decide whether to enable them.
  • Preview videos can now automatically be posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We have added a new field to each social connection that will allow you to determine if you want to share Visual Tours, Preview Video, or both.

  • Smart Comments have been updated to include comments that are specific to the preview videos. Smart Comments will enhance the reach and value of not only your preview video, but all posts.
    • Note: Smart Comments are predefined comments that are added to the comments section of your social postings.

Reestablishing Expired Social Connections

We have improved the functionality for expired connections with your social media accounts.

When the connection to one of your social media accounts expires, the system will now attempt to reconnect to your account automatically. If successful, your posts will continue as scheduled.

If the system is not able to reestablish the connection, you will receive an email notifying you the connection has expired so that you can reestablish it manually and avoid an interruption in your posting schedule.

Notifications will be sent weekly until the connection is either reestablished or removed from your social postings account.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with .jpeg image uploads failing. The system will now update the file name extension to .jpg.

  • Fixed an issue with auto tours not having a state or province assigned. The process has been updated to now assign a state or province to your auto tours.