#70 Production Release: August 24, 2021


Preview Videos: Short “teaser” videos to introduce new listings to an agent’s social sphere

Bug Fixes

Release Details

Preview Videos

We are pleased to introduce our newest preview video feature, which has been specially designed to increase consumer engagement with your social media posts and promote your listings.

Preview videos are short “teasers” used to introduce new listings to an agent’s social sphere. The short length and square format are optimized to increase engagement.

When a property tour is published, Paradym will automatically create a 15-second video according to a pre-determined template. These videos will be created in MP4 format with 1080 x 1080 resolution. The video template includes:

  • Property address / intro scene
  • First six photos from the property tour displayed with pan/zoom effect
  • Agent scene
  • Company scene

The following are not included in preview videos:

  • Voiceover
  • Soundtrack
  • Tour signs

Preview videos will be saved with the corresponding property tour. Agents can elect to receive email notifications when their preview videos are ready. The email will include a link for agents to download the video to their phone or computer for easy sharing on their social media platforms.

This new feature will be rolled out in two phases. In phase one, we will be exposing the option to brokers, who may enable preview videos for their agents.

When logged in as a broker, navigate to the video settings page. You will see a new section entitled “Preview Video.” You will have the option to check and enable the following:

  • Enable Preview Videos
    • This will enable the feature for your agents
  • Email downloaded link when video is ready
    • This will enable email notifications to agents when a preview video is available
  • Access to edit scenes

Phase two of this rollout will fully enable all functionality within this new feature for brokers and agents, including the ability for agents to decide whether to enable this feature. Phase two is currently scheduled for our September release.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Click-To-Chat not getting agent responses.
  • Fixed an issue with agent photos not being displayed on Tour View Analytics page.
  • Fixed an issue with Social Connections not being flagged as bad when posts fail due to authorization.
  • Fixed an issue with Opps Error being shown on Tour Dashboard > Tour Strength page.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue getting sold listings from the Moxiworks listing source.
  • Fixed an issue with automated credit card updating process related to new security keys.