Production Release: June 22, 2021


Social Posting:

  • Tweets exceeding 280 characters will now be automatically shortened.
  • Requirement to include comments when posting photos and videos has been removed.

    Bug Fixes

    Social posting

    New procedure for tweets exceeding the 280-character limit

    When tweets are sent from Social Posting, they need to be 280 characters or less to meet Twitter’s posting requirements.

    Previously, tweets longer than 280 characters were not being posted due to exceeding this character limit. This was often due to a long social signature.We have now improved Social Posting to be able to post tweets that exceed the character limit. Tweets longer than 280 characters will now be truncated.

    Doing our best to maintain the integrity of your tweet, we will first look for white space that can be removed. If none is found, the truncated content will be the text at the end of the tweet. We will remove as much text as needed to meet Twitter’s character limit but will not truncate content URLs.

    This will allow your tweet to be published on schedule and maintain your presents on Twitter.

    Removed requirement to include comment with links, photos and videos posts

    Times have changed, and we are rolling with those changes. Social Posting now allows photos and video to be posted without a comment.

    In the past, we felt a comment with a photo or video personalized the post to increase engagement. We still feel this way, and writing personalized comments is still considered social media best practice. However, we recognize that comments are sometimes embedded in the photo or video, alleviating the need to include an additional comment in the post. Therefore, it is no longer required.

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Holiday content being scheduled after 11 PM.
  • Fixed an issue with smart schedule not working for Broker Broadcast.
  • Fixed an issue with “Tours” filter including Shared Listings on Social Schedule.
  • Fixed an issue with Preview not working for Shared Listings on Social Schedule.
  • Fixed an issue with posts being grouped incorrectly due to time zone differences on Social Schedule.
  • Fixed an issue with List View mode switching back to gallery view when paging through results on My Tours.
  • Fixed an issue with only 4 of 5 photos spaces being used on the Florence Flyer.
  • Fixed an issue with incomplete list of agents shown on broker’s Account Management.