Constellation1 was formed behind the backbone of 30 years of network administration, IT infrastructure planning and coordination, product management and technology management expertise. Our IT consulting and tech support services enable us to create a customized technology plan and service for your unique business. From managed IT services, cloud services, backup and disaster recovery services to network management, security management and tech support, we can custom tailor your solution and services based on your present and future needs.

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Managed IT Services
– We can help your business reduce costs by providing professionally outsourced IT support. A full time IT employee can be expensive! Consider us for your IT needs.
– We provide remote monitoring, maintenance and technical support for your servers and critical services.
– Firewall configuration and troubleshooting, managed switches, routers or network bandwidth problems.
– Monitor your network on a 24/7 basis, providing quick action against any threats and ensuring your company’s productivity.

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Network Security Services
– Are you worried about security threats to your business such as hackers, malware, or spyware? Protect your company from these threats that can affect your productivity.
– We can help define, implement and oversee your company security policies.
– We can help you achieve multiple layers of security to ensure protection of your company private data through a combination of hardware and software solutions that are constantly updated and monitored.

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Cloud Services
– We can help you transition to the cloud by implementing best practices and choosing the right solutions to fit your workflow.
– Access your data, email, programs and applications anytime and anywhere.
– We provide support and services for Office 365, Google Apps, SharePoint and other email, collaboration and productivity tools.
– Data center and virtual server services and management

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
-Data backup and recovery is an integral part of every business operations and survival.
-We can custom design your data backup strategy by identifying what data needs to backup, selecting and implementing hardware and software tools, scheduling and running backups and monitoring and validating that data has been accurately backed up.
– Online or offline (onsite) backup, secure server backup, disaster recovery service and more.

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Desktop and HelpDesk Support Services
– We serve businesses of all sizes with desktop and helpdesk support including maintenance, troubleshooting, email problems, printer and software update issues.
– Support plans for individuals, businesses and groups/association.
– Remote and onsite support with phone, email and live chat options.
– Our helpdesk computer support team is U.S. based with affordable prices and plans.

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Website & Application Development Services
– We provide website design and implementation for projects of all sizes – from small informational sites to complex data driven sites.
– We can custom design internet and intranet applications with customized dashboard and reports.
– Document and contract management workflow automation.
– Custom programming and software development services.